I am Saurabh, also known as ‘dr3dd’ in the realm of Information Security and Software Development.

As an Application Security Engineer (Linkedin), I navigate the treacherous terrains of vulnerabilities and exploit them for the forces of good. I honed my skills at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, where I absorbed the arcane knowledge of the digital realm.

My interests are as diverse as the universe itself. Web Security, Reversing, and Cryptography are my playgrounds, where I decipher the secrets of the binary cosmos. Alongside my trusted comrades in InfoSecIITR, a valiant CTF team of IIT Roorkee, I battle in the arena of Capture the Flag events and hackathons. Together, we fight the forces of cyber-evil, armed with our keyboards and a bottomless supply of caffeinated beverages.

When I’m not immersed in the digital battlefield, I retreat to my sanctuary of entertainment. Sci-Fi movies transport me to galaxies far, far away, where I ponder the possibilities of futuristic technology. And oh, did I mention my writing prowess? I wield the mighty pen (or rather, keyboard) to share my findings through captivating and enlightening blogs. Sharing knowledge is my way of paying tribute to the open-source community that fuels our collective growth.

If you wish to engage in cyber-conversations, feel free to reach out to me via electronic mail at dr3dd@dr3dd.com. Let’s exchange ideas, unravel mysteries, and maybe even team up to defend the digital realm from malicious invaders.

Remember, in the ever-evolving landscape of technology, a touch of humor and a dash of uniqueness can go a long way. Embrace the adventure, my friends, and let us march forward, clad in the armor of code, with laughter as our guiding star!